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Detect Bugs Across All Browsers & Devices with Automated Functional & Visual Testing. Test Quickly & Easily Across Any Browser. Start Testing Now! Open Free Accoun Find Mobile Website Tester. Search a wide range of information from across the web with quicklyseek.co Test how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device. Just enter a page URL to see how your page scores. More usage tips Why mobile? The web is being accessed more and more on mobile devices. Designing your websites to be mobile friendly ensures that your pages perform well on all devices. Learn more About Search Console. Search Console alerts you about critical site errors such as.

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  1. Mobile website testing as the term suggests, refers to the act of testing websites or web applications across numerous mobile browsers. It essentially helps in verifying the performance and appearance of a web app across different mobile browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc
  2. Mobile emulation is available for members only. Mobile emulation allows you to see your websites. like they are rendered in mobile devices. You can try mobile emulation and other amazing features. free for one month. Sign up now. Apple iPhone 5. HTC ONE. Nokia Lumia 920
  3. The ideal approach for mobile website testing is to test it on real devices because there are many instances of a web app that cannot be tested with emulators or developer tools. For example, the user experience on a website contains many factors like pixel densities, varied network conditions, real page loading speed and time, and much more

Using our mobile emulator tests how your website is displayed on a mobile device. Of course, this is a simulation only, and the best way is to try it yourself on a real iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or over 5000+ phone models worldwide. Our mobile emulator tests how your website displayed across different smartphones Test your website for responsive design A free tool for developers to check how their website appears on the most popular devices. Devices: Iphone 11 Iphone X Iphone (6-8) Galaxy s10 Galaxy S(8-9) Vieport Size. Width: 414px Height: 896px. Dimensions. 6.1 INCH 5.94 x 2.98 x 0.33 INCH. Resolution. 828 x 1792 PX. Vieport Size. Width: 375px Height: 812px. Dimensions. 5.8 INCH 5.65 x 2.79 x 0.30. Mobile Friendliness Test Tool We will analyze the web page and tell you whether it is mobile friendly or not. Making pages mobile-friendly increases user engagement on mobile devices. It can also help you rank better in Bing search results on mobile devices

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  1. See how your mobile site speed ranks compared to other top brands and learn how you can provide a faster, more frictionless mobile experienc
  2. 11 thoughts on So einfach testen Sie Ihre Webseite für mobile Endgeräte Matthias Baier says: 20. August 2015 at 12:04 Antworten. Der Google-Test ist ja schön und gut, aber selbst die Hosteurope-Seite ist Nicht für Mobilgeräte optimiert - Der Link zu der Testseite checkt unglücklicherweise eure eigene Seite. Jetzt wäre es halt noch schön zu wissen, welcher Text damit z.B.
  3. Diese 8 Tools helfen dir beim Testen mobiler Websites. iOS Simulator. 16.01.2013, 09:59 Uhr • Lesezeit: 3 Min. Artikel merken. Hinweis: Wir haben in diesem Artikel Provisions-Links verwendet und.
  4. The Responsinator is designed to test responsive websites on different device resolutions. Enter your site. Responsinator · About · Login. iPhone eXpensive portrait · width: 375px. Say thanks and buy us a beer! iPhone eXpensive landscape · width: 734px. Android (Pixel 2) portrait · width: 412px. Android (Pixel 2) landscape · width: 684px. iPhone 6-8 portrait · width: 375px. iPhone 6-8.
  5. Responsive (RWD) site test A responsive (RWD) website is not enough to ensure that it is efficient and fast to display. Dareboost offers you all the settings (choosing bandwidth, device, etc) necessary to test your site performance, and provides you best practices for your RWD or dedicated mobile page. Detailed mobile website speed test repor
  6. Step 1: Test Your Mobile Site Speed. Before you do anything else, you should test how fast your mobile site really is. You might think it loads just fine, but it could be slower than you think. One of the best mobile tests is from Ubersuggest. Here's how it works: Step #1: Enter Your URL and Click Search Step #2: Click Site Audit in the Left Sidebar. Step #3: Scroll Down to.

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At SmallSEOTools, we offer you an extremely handy mobile site test or mobile responsive test that allows you to test the responsiveness or friendliness of your mobile device. Using our Google mobile friendly test or mobile site test tool is very simple. All you need to do is enter your website's URL and click on 'Submit' button Check if your website fits and adapts to mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes. MENU. Check Your Website created in 2012 as an exercise for Media Genesis developers to see if they could create a tool that could be used to test websites for mobile design. Essentially, developers wanted to see how well certain websites could adapt when viewed on mobile device (like a phone) rather than.

10.W3C mobile OK checker This is a web-based mobile checker that automatically validates your website by checking how mobile-friendly your website is. It has a series of tests that validate your website based on different parameters and is based on MobileOK test specifications developed by W3C PageSpeed Insights analysiert den Inhalt einer Webseite und erstellt dann Vorschläge zur Verbesserung der Geschwindigkeit dieser Seite. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der PageSpeed Insights-Dokumentation und in den Versionshinweisen.PageSpeed Insights-Dokumentation und in den Versionshinweisen The test is designed to help make your site faster by identifying what about a webpage is fast, slow, too big, and so on. We have tried to make it useful both for experts and novices alike. In short, we wanted it to be an easy-to-use tool built to help webmasters and web developers everywhere optimize their website performance Alle Smartphones im Test: Bestenliste mit Testergebnissen,Testberichten und dem aktuellen Smartphone-Testsieger, inkl. Preisvergleich Edit this Doc Automating mobile web apps If you're interested in automating your web app in Mobile Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android, Appium can help you. Basically, you write a normal WebDriver test, and use Appium as the Selenium server with a special set of desired capabilities

Having a mobile-friendly website is a critical part of your online presence. In many countries, smartphone traffic now exceeds desktop traffic. If you haven't made your website mobile-friendly, you should. Search Console's Mobile-Friendly Test Tool is a quick, easy way to test whether a page on your site is mobile-friendly Run One Mobile Test Across Multiple Devices of Different Screen Sizes & Resolutions. Automate Your UI Tests On Real Mobile Devices, Emulators or Virtual Machines Check Our Exciting On 17 Devices Responsive Website Testing Tool Online. EN. EN RU. Enter Your Website URL: Easy Mobile Responsive Test Free Online Tool for Phones & Tablets Test Your Website's Responsiveness Across Multiple Devices with Different Screen Sizes Instantly In Just Simple Steps With Our Online Responsive Tool. Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9+ iPhone 11.

Capture Lighthouse Report (Uses a 3G Fast connection independent of test settings) Emulate Mobile Browser Capture Dev Tools Timeline One of the cool features of WebPageTest is that it can generate a filmstrip of screen snapshots taken during a web page load, enabling us to quantify how a page loads, visually. This view makes it significantly easier to determine how long the page is. Smartphones and tablets simulator on computer very realistic with several models and resolutions to test your mobile site. 5 models of Android smartphones : - Samsung Galaxy S10 (CSS resolution 360px) - Samsung Galaxy S20 (CSS resolution 360px) - Huawei P30 PRO (CSS resolution 360px) - Google Pixel 5 (CSS resolution 393px) - Oneplus Nord 2 (CSS resolution 412px) 11 models of Apple smartphones. Hence testing mobile versions of websites on Chrome is crucial. This article aims to explain how developers can open a website's mobile view in Chrome browser via desktop. It also explains how one can test websites on real mobile devices online. First, let's understand how users can instantly view the mobile version of any website. Using Device Simulation in Chrome DevTools for Mobile View. Browserling did a custom cross-browser testing solution for UK's National Health Service. Our application needs to operate in complicated sub optimal technological environments where legacy software is popular and unrealistic expectations to meet modern standards impose unsurpassable barriers to implementation Ranorex - an all-in-one tool for UI test automation and end-to-end testing on desktop, web, and mobile platforms, all through a codeless interface. TestingWhiz - codeless test automation tool for testing web, mobile, and cloud applications with an impressive number of third party integrations. Test.io - mobile app testing service that crowd tests your website and apps through a global.

Functional Testing of Mobile Application. The Functional Testing of Mobile Application is a process of testing functionalities of mobile applications like user interactions as well as testing the transactions that users might perform. The main purpose of mobile application functional testing is to ensure the quality, meeting the specified expectations, reducing the risk or errors and customer. Website Builder NEW Web Templates Web Statistics Web Certificates Web Editor Web Development Test Your Typing Speed Play a Code Game Cyber Security Accessibility. Data Analytics Learn AI Learn Machine Learning Learn Data Science Learn NumPy Learn Pandas Learn SciPy Learn Matplotlib Learn Statistics Learn Excel Learn Google Sheets XML Tutorials Learn XML Learn XML AJAX Learn XML DOM Learn XML. Operation A. Creator Camp. 【Quick Build】Badang One Pic. 2020-12-04. 370.6K. Weekly Free Hero: Weekly Popular Hero: Badang. 【Advanced】BAROQUE HEIRESS - GUINEVERE PUBG MOBILE ranked No.1 as the best mobile game by worldwide downloads in 2019, according to SensorTower. As one of the most popular mobile game around the world, PUBG MOBILE always encourage players to face challenges and improve themselves, BE THE #1. Besides focusing on social responsibility campaign, PUBG MOBILE has collaborated with leading movie IPs, top sportsmen and celebrities with.

Mobile App User haben eine weitaus höhere Erwartung an die Funktionalität und die Benutzbarkeit einer mobilen Anwendung im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Anwendungen aus dem Desktop oder Web Umfeld.. Unbenutzbare Apps, hervorgerufen durch Abstürze beim ersten Start, lange Ladezeiten oder eine schlechte Usability werden von Usern direkt mit nur einem Fingertipp gelöscht Hence testing mobile responsive websites is important along with the other testing like functional, security, etc. Few Sample Test Cases For Testing Mobile Responsiveness. Usually, the testers start testing by resizing the windows of the mobiles, the browsers, tablets, laptops, etc., but there is a lot more that needs to be tested. Following are a few example test cases that can be covered. Perform Live Mobile View Debugging of your website on different devices with LT Browser. Test on mobile and tablet simultaneously on our browser and debug user issues and see their impact on the go on over 50+ devices

Appium aims to automate any mobile app from any language and any test framework, with full access to back-end APIs and DBs from test code. Write tests with your favorite dev tools using all the above programming languages, and probably more (with the Selenium WebDriver API and language-specific client libraries) Testing the mobile responsiveness of websites and web apps is one of the most frustrating tasks every web designer and developer has to tackle. It usually involves hiring expensive agencies and buying subscription plans. But there are now more affordable solutions as well, like the LT Brow.. Mobile testing is different from web testing in complexity. Mobile apps usually have more users and need to work on a broader range of devices — with more communication. This increases testing complexity. While web apps are increasingly used on mobile devices, testing them is not quite as complex. 4 Types of Mobile Apps. There are four types of mobile apps that companies develop today. And. Test your native, web or hybrid mobile app on emulators as well as real Android and iOS devices with Ranorex. While emulators or simulators are great for debugging, physical devices provide a realistic environment, enabling testing of gestures, speed and ease-of-use! Get easy-to-use automation with wizard-like setup . With Ranorex Studio, you're just a few steps away from your comprehensive.

To check how mobile-friendly your site is, use Google's Mobile-Friendly Test tool. It only requires your site's URL to run the test. The Mobile-Friendly Test tool will provide a detailed analysis of your website. It will visualize your site on various mobile devices and remarks on whether it is mobile-friendly or not. It will also recommend several actions to take to make your website. A mobile web testing tool not only creates an environment for the website to render as, on a mobile device, but it also provides certain features that are extremely important for a mobile-first design. Consider one such tool LT browser I recently discovered on ProductHunt. LT Browser is a browser made specifically for mobile web testing and responsive testing of the website. It provides 45. It can be used for both mobile website testing and mobile application testing. I focused on mobile application usability testing because mobile applications are extremely popular (as will be explained in the next section) and also because it seems that the majority of articles, or at least those that I came across tend to focus more on mobile website testing Different Tools for Mobile vs. Web App Testing. The reasons for choosing the right tool for test automation are rather obvious: a higher level of test coverage and parallel testing, better reliability and faster test execution. Now let's take a look at what tools are widely used for mobile app testing vs. web app testing. Tools for Web App Testing . To be able to work without a glitch under. For sites to pass the mobile responsive test, they should be optimised for users accessing them through their smartphones. This means that the website should load fast, the content should be crisp to create quick engagement, all pages should have mobile responsive design, the page shouldn't be cluttered with too many elements and so on, you can categorically analyze these data points from.

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Mobile data charges could apply. To run the test, you'll be connected to M-Lab and your IP address will be shared with them and processed by them in accordance with their privacy policy. M-Lab conducts the test and publicly publishes all test results to promote internet research. Published information includes your IP address and test results, but doesn't include any other information about. Click on Mobile View in the website builer to check how your site looks on different devices and publish to local drive, FTP or Mobirise subdomain. 4500+ amazing blocks Mobirise Creator offers 4500+ website blocks in 5 free and 100+ premium HTML themes and 300+ home page templates that include sliders, galleries with lightbox, articles, counters, countdowns, full-screen intros, images.

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Our 3 rd edition of the report with mobile UX guidelines made me reflect on how this field has changed in the past 7 years. Back in 2009, Jakob Nielsen deemed mobile usability an oxymoron: most sites had terrible usability, as designers were exploring the design space and trying different alternatives.Now we can confidently say that mobile usability has improved and many sites have decent. Experience the thrill of Call of Duty on the go. Play as iconic characters in battle royale and multiplayer in our best fps free mobile game. Download free now Sprint is now part of T-Mobile, creating America's largest, fastest, and now most reliable 5G network. Explore unlimited plans, deals, and join today! T-MOBILE COOKIE NOTICE We value your privacy. At T-Mobile, we use cookies on our site to enhance navigation, analyze use, personalize features, and improve marketing relevance. To deliver the best experience, we share information about site use.

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  1. d-blowing statistic: there are now officially more mobile devices than people in the world. Guess what, this news was from back in 2014. The world was home to 7.2 billion gadgets then, which were multiplying five times faster than we were
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So if you are ignoring your mobile site, you might be missing out on on a big part of your audience. In this post, I'd liked to go over a couple of ways you can check your own mobile sites. After this post, you'll be able to test your mobile website yourself on key elements and improve your mobile SEO. Use your phone to test your mobile sit You can test your mobile website on these tools, analyze it for the mistakes/errors, and then optimize it according to the recommendations. Let us have a look at some of the mobile testing applications available online. 1. W3C mobileOK Checker. W3C tops the list every time you come to the field of website testing. This time also, W3C mobileOK Checker tops the web-based mobile testing tools. Test on 2000+ real device browser combinations on our public cloud, when you want, when you need them. Or Use Private or On-prem version for your enterprise. Get the most accurate results by testing mobile and web applications on the latest devices to ensure awesome customer experience. Go beyond emulators to get the most insight into the real. Perfecto is a world leader in automated testing for mobile and web apps. Accelerate your web and mobile cloud testing to achieve continuous testing in DevOps. And automate advanced web and mobile app testing scenarios How fast does your website load? Find out with GTmetrix See how your site performs, reveal why it's slow and discover optimization opportunities. Test your site . Analysis Options: Testing in Vancouver, Canada using Chrome (Desktop) with an Unthrottled Connection. Log in to change options. Latest News View Changes. Make sure your redirects are optimal! Don't force your visitors to sit through.

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Mobile Detect - lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets) Mobile Detect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets). It uses the User-Agent string combined with specific HTTP headers to detect the mobile environment. This project is sponsored by it's developers and community This report presents user-experience guidelines for designing applications and websites for mobile devices, as well as the findings from our user research with these devices. It is based on 17 in-person and 10 remote usability studies with users in 8 countries (mostly in the USA, but also in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, The Netherlands, Romania, and the UK). It presents a set of. Native Vs Hybrid Vs Mobileweb. A critical factor that you have to consider while doing test planning is checking the Mobile Application type. You will mainly come across three types of mobile applications: Mobile Web, Native App, and Hybrid App. The classification is based on the development efforts and App redistribution strategy

All Mobile Reviews. All Camera Selfie Audio At DXOMARK we test a large number of smartphone cameras every year, covering many brands and models across the spectrum, May 28, 2020 by Lars Rehm. The best smartphone front cameras. Since the launch of our DXOMARK Selfie test protocol in January 2019, we have tested a wide variety of smartphone May 28, 2020 by Lars Rehm. The best. We test Xiaomi's entry-level notebook. 4 hours ago 15. MediaTek Dimensity 2000 to be built on the 4nm node and use ARM V9 architecture. It would also employ the new Cortex-X2 core. 6 hours ago 29. Testing with Intelligence and Insights. Get an instant bird's eye view regarding the status of your release using Sofy's powerful mobile and website application testing. Sofy gives you visibility into trends and helps you make actionable, data driven decisions based on quality metrics and test reports. Gain insights about your team's. The OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide project consists of a series of documents that establish a security standard for mobile apps and a comprehensive testing guide that covers the processes, techniques, and tools used during a mobile app security test, as well as an exhaustive set of test cases that enables testers to deliver consistent and complete results

Test web applications on various mobile browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. Test applications on multiple devices. Make calls and send messages while the app is running in the background. Change the IP address and port to ensure the device connects and disconnects properly. What are the pros and cons of Black Box testing? Pros Cons; Helps enhance user experience: It does not consider internal. Lost your phone? Don't panic. Find My Mobile will help you locate your phone or tablet and protect your data. You can even use it to unlock if you forget your pattern. Test across all popular web browsers & mobile devices. Stop managing a sea of drivers, bindings & customizations. Now you have a single interface to easily develop tests on any environment (Windows, macOS & Linux) for web (UI or headless), iOS & Android native apps (including iOS on Windows). Compatible with leading open source testing libraries & tools . All the power of a custom test. Before you put a lot of resources into worrying about how to make your website mobile friendly, check to see how your website fares now. Google provides a mobile-friendly testing tool. Drop your URL into the search box. You'll not only get a quick answer on whether or not your website is mobile friendly, but also a screenshot of how the page looks on a smartphone screen and a list of.

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We will cover key concepts relevant to testing of web and mobile platforms, underlying techniques and the use of Selenium as a framework for automating testing of such applications. The learner will gain a solid foundation in web and mobile testing principles and the ability to use a testing framework to automate test execution. Flexible deadlines. Reset deadlines in accordance to your. Check your mobile site speed: Measure the speed of your entire mobile site in addition to individual mobile pages; Track your progress: See how your mobile site speed is trending month over month; Stay ahead of the curve: See how your mobile site speed stacks up against competitors; Estimate speed's impact on your business: See the potential impact mobile site speed can have on revenue; Test. A mobile phone emulator lets you check the responsiveness and functionality of the website across different mobile platforms, such as iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry, without actually having the devices in hand. Mobile emulators can help you pinpoint problems and issues with the website and allow you to take corrective measures to make the website visually appealing and functional on. Des Weiteren unterstützen wir Sie mit konkreten Hinweisen zum Vorgehen im Falle eines positiven Corona-Tests. Registrierung & tägliche Meldungen Wenn Sie sich als Test-to-Go Station registrieren möchten, gehen Sie bitte auf testen-lernen.berlin. Dort können Sie nach abgeschlossener Zertifizierung im Login-Bereich ebenfalls die täglichen Meldungen vornehmen. Zur Registrierung. Zum Login. It applies to web applications and to accessing websites with mobile devices. W3C addresses mobile accessibility. WAI ensures that the core W3C technologies support accessibility, including those that are essential for the mobile web. All W3C work is reviewed for accessibility by WAI's Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group ( APA )

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Mit dem neuen Homepage-Baukasten können Sie ab sofort Ihre Website von unterwegs mobil pflegen. Laden Sie Bilder oder Texte ganz entspannt hoch. Mit dem einfachen Drag-and-drop können Sie Widgets wie z.B. Reservierungstools, YouTube Videos, Social Media Links oder Anfahrtskarten in ihre Seite ein- oder ausbauen. Mit über 130 Branchen Designs können Sie jederzeit Ihrer Website einen neuen. Du suchst einen PKW in Deiner Umgebung? Finde Dein Fahrzeug mit der PKW-Suche bei: mobile.de - Deutschlands größter Fahrzeugmark In this article, we're going to cover two different methods of testing how your site looks on mobile using desktop browsers. It's important to keep in mind that most mobile previews will not be completely perfect because there are so many different mobile screen sizes and browsers. Your final test should always be to look at your site on an actual mobile device. Video Tutorial. Subscribe. DSL Speed-Test: Messen Sie die Internet-Geschwindigkeit (Download und Upload) Ihrer DSL-Verbindung online. Der DSL Speed-Test erkennt DSL 768 bis DSL 16.000 Standardize validation efforts by testing web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications - including packaged apps like SAP and Oracle Forms. Accelerate testing speed by automating functional and regression tests. Work in your preferred environment by creating, customizing, and executing tests with an intuitive interface, or leverage the Eclipse IDE or Visual Studio .NET. CASE STUDY.

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Test your URL in the Mobile-Friendly Test tool now that your website software version or templates are up to date. If you get a mobile-friendly score, you're done! If the score isn't mobile-friendly, consider changing template and/or customizing the current one. We have compiled the following documentation to guide you through the. Du suchst ein Wohnmobil in Deiner Umgebung? Finde Dein Fahrzeug mit der Wohnmobil-Suche bei: mobile.de - Deutschlands größter Fahrzeugmark Lerne die Galaxy Familie kennen: kreative Premiummodelle Galaxy S und Galaxy Note, das klassische Galaxy A, das flexible Galaxy M und mehr

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Die große Freiheit: Einmal laden, 4 Tage Spaß! POWER U30 - das Flaggschiff der neuen WIKO-Smartphone-Generation. Düsseldorf, 12. Juli 2021 - WIKO, die europäische Smartphone-Marke, ausgezeichnet in Preis und Leistung, präsentiert das Topmodell seiner neuen Smartphone-Generation.. Check Your Site's Loading Speed. Now that you've experienced your website from a mobile device, you'll want to get a formal score for your page load speed. That's where Google PageSpeed Insights comes in. Google will give you a separate score for both your mobile and desktop sites. If you're not getting a green light on both, you need to contact a developer to work on increasing the.

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SpeedOf.Me is a broadband speed test that allows you to easily measure your actual Internet speed on all your devices like desktop, mobile, tablet, game console, smart TV, etc Ihr digitales Postfach - MOBIL ME by Mobil Krankenkasse. Erledigen Sie zukünftig alles bequem über unsere Service-App MOBIL ME. Reichen Sie Ihre Unterlagen einfach über die App ein. Ändern Sie Ihre Kontaktdaten schnell und unkompliziert über Ihr Smartphone und erhalten Sie Ihre Post zukünftig von uns bequem online Jetzt einchecken. Momentan sind keine Flüge zum Check-in bereit. Beide Flüge einchecken Hinflug einchecken Rückflug einchecken Nur Web Check-in verfügbar Zu den Bordkarten In Tagen Stunden Minuten zum Check-in bereit. Kein Online Check-in verfügbar. Bitte begeben Sie sich zum Schalter

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Bill pay Add a line Upgrade Check order status Ask the Community . Shop categories. Clear . Phones Phones . Tablets & Devices Tablets & Devices . Smart watches Smart watches . Hotspot & IoT Hotspot & IoT . Accessories Accessories . Filters categories. Clear . Sort by. Deals. Brands. Operating system. Network speed. Phones . 37 items . Sort by: Featured. Phones . 37 items . Filter. Get a fast. Egal wo Sie im Internet unterwegs sind, der integrierte Browser der G DATA Mobile Security Android schützt Sie zuverlässig vor Phishing-Attacken und blockiert gefährliche oder gefälschte Websites. Auch beim Surfen mit Google Chrome oder Mozilla Firefox sind Sie komplett abgesichert - für entspanntes Surfen auf Ihrem Android Smartphone oder Tablet Build, test, release, and monitor your mobile and desktop apps. Azure Monitor Full observability into your apps, infrastructure, and network. Products Hybrid + multicloud. Hybrid + multicloud . Get Azure innovation everywhere—bring the agility and innovation of cloud computing to your on-premises workloads. Avast Mobile Security für Android ist eines der besten kostenlosen Antivirenprogramme für Android-Nutzer, deren Privatsphäre und Sicherheit es mit unserer topaktuellen Cybersicherheits-Technologie und dem weltgrößten Netzwerk zur Bedrohungserkennung stärkt. Mit ihm können Sie Ihr Android-Smartphone bzw. -Tablet in Echtzeit vor den neuesten Malware-Varianten schützen, einschließlich. Alcatel branded devices from TCL Communication deliver innovative, feature-rich experiences that make access to today's mobile technology simple

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